Dr. Luiz Toledo is known and respected as an innovator in the surgical techniques of facial rejuvenation and body contouring. His ability as an international plastic surgeon, combined with his artistic sensibility and latest technology, has helped thousands of his patients look younger and feel better. His office in Dubai, located at Shape Medical Center, welcomes patients from around the world, as Dubai has daily flights from the most important capitals. In Portugal he attends at his office, Laserocular, in Cascais, and in Lisbon at Saint Louis Hospital.


A highly sought-after professor, Dr. Toledo demonstrates to his colleagues, nationally and internationally, his facial and body contouring techniques, with the removal and replacement of localized fat. His special interest is in the development of minimally invasive techniques in cosmetic surgery. Using small incisions and minimal trauma, it can produce dramatic results on the face and body with lasting effect and rapid recovery.


Dr. Toledo uses the latest technology for his facial rejuvenation procedures, as well as the traditional muscle repair and volume repositioning face lift. He is one of the leading creators of superficial liposculpture in the world, a refined technique for improving the results of body surgery.


Dr. Toledo performs all types of cosmetic and cosmetic surgery, including the most traditional techniques. He was one of the first doctors to use computer imaging in his consultations, allowing the patient to see an instant simulation of the proposed outcome of the plastic procedure.


For the past 30 years he has been involved in lectures and congresses around the world. He has written and edited 14 books. His book “Facial and Body Contouring Refinements” has been translated into several languages. His book "Superficial Liposculpture" has become one of the reference books on the technique.


He has published over 70 scientific articles and edited editions of Clinics in Plastic Surgery. He taught courses on his facial and body contour technique at the congresses of the American ASPS and ASAPS societies for 15 years. He has been Course Director of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - ISAPS - for seven years, organizing courses all over the world. He was, for six years, Director of Public Education at ISAPS, organizing the first international statistics on plastic surgery. In 1995 he became a Postgraduate Professor of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at ISAPS.


He has organized annual symposia in Belgrade, Serbia, for over 10 years. Until December 2018 he was the scientific director of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society, organizing monthly EPSS meetings and annual congresses for local and Gulf plastic surgeons over the past six years. He organized the first ISAPS course for Dubai in January 2014. Dr. Toledo has organized over 120 international plastic surgery congresses, courses and symposia. In 2012 he became a doctor in Portugal and in 2015 specialist in plastic surgery. In 2018 he was accepted as a member of SPCPRE - Portuguese Society of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics.


Since December 2018 he has also worked in Portugal where he opened two clinics, in Cascais and Lisbon. He operates at Saint Louis Hospital in Bairro Alto.


A popular guest on television talk shows, Dr. Toledo has appeared on shows in the United States, Brazil, Dubai, and Portugal. Dr. Toledo has been featured in magazines around the world, including American and British Vogue, Elle, Allure among others. This extensive exposure, along with his surgical skills, has made Dr. Toledo one of the best known and most sought-after cosmetic surgeons.